*Guest Blogger Mark Kinsley* The Machigonne II


How does a photographer’s intent compare to the story formed in a person’s mind? Check out a guest blogging project that Mike Davis and I are working on. The first installment is called “Machigonne II.”

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I’m 59 posts deep now and things are getting stale.  Tourist and vacation photos are fun, but what’s the purpose?  I’ve got an idea! Guest Bloggers!  So here is to the start of what I plan to be an exciting and purposeful time in my blogging life cycle.

Today is the first and here is the purpose.  My great friend Mark Kinsley, creative writer and marketing extraordinaire, and I, collaborated on an idea of “picture meets words” if you will.  I submit one of my photos to him and he in turn interprets the feeling and emotion and communicates them in a short story.  The experiment is to see whether or not his initial feeling from viewing the photo matches my intent in creation of said image.

So please have a look my image and enjoy  “The Machigonne II” by Mark Kinsley.

Adventure Awaits

Machigonne II motors out to sea, parting…

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Culture + Brand (together in harmony)

Each time an employee comes in contact with a customer it’s a chance to springboard your brand or create confusion. Touchpoints matter – every single one. Are you coaching your team to say the right things, or unleashing language and hoping for the best? Venture with me into the world of “paw painting” to find out what Buster and I learned during our day out.

Culture is Your Brand (How to make them work together)

Sleep-Geek.com: Television Drives Internet Search

Ever seen a television commercial that made you pick up your computer and go to that company’s website? You’re not alone. Television is the number one driver of Internet searches. That means advertisers need to rethink their television commercials. Instead of foot traffic, it’s time to use television to first attract web traffic.

P.S. One of my clients owns Sleep-Geek.com and our team manages all the content and contributors. As of August 12, 2013 the site is brand new. Enjoy!

Rethink the Goal of Your Retail Television Spots


SteamFeed.com: 6 Tips for Positioning Big-Ticket Products

When it comes to promoting big-ticket items like mattresses and dishwashers, many marketers default to shouting “SALE!” But no matter how loud you yell the “S” word, durable goods need to differentiate. People usually only pay attention to your ads when they actually need to buy a big-ticket item. That’s why it’s important to position your product in people’s minds. When they’re in the market, they’ll think of the unique benefit your product offers first. Check out these tips and let me know what you think.

6 Tips for Positioning Big-Ticket Products

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 4.11.49 PM

Brands: Take a Bite Out of ‘Shark Week’

What do Volkswagen and TOMS shoes have in common with Shark Week? Not much, until they made some creative connections.

Take a look at my guest blog on Q’s Views to find out how your brand can sink its teeth into relevant events and land a trophy catch. By the way, Shark Week begins August 4, 2013. Watch the promo video below and get ready for America’s most unifying event (read the Q’s Views post and you’ll understand).

How to Sink Your Teeth into ‘Shark Week’ and Win


Social Media Today – The 3 Fs of Community Building

Do you embrace the three Fs of community building?

In my latest article published on Social Media Today, you’ll discover how finding, focusing and fostering can lead to sustainable growth and increased engagement. Whether you’re a brand builder or a blogger, your community’s needs differ depending on each person’s level of familiarity and involvement.

Adopt these three Fs and you’ll be on your way to a successful online community.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.06.51 AM

The 3 Fs of Community Building

B2BMarketing.net – Hardwired to Hear: The Storytelling Six

Whether you’re highlighting your career accomplishments or developing the next great marketing campaign, a storytelling approach can set you apart from the competition.

When crafting a marketing story, there are six components to keep in mind. In this article for B2BMarketing.net I share those elements, along with lessons in storytelling from Serta’s “Counting Sheep” and how State Farm’s characters overcame the monster to deliver a marketing campaign that was scary-good.

Storytelling Marketing

Hardwired to Hear: The Storytelling Six